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What is shinto? 神道とは

Passing along eco-conscious traditions to the next generation.

 Shinto is a mindset and way of living with respect for nature, living things and our ancestors, and it has long been recognized as Japan’s cultural root. Unlike Buddhism, Christianity, or other religions, Shinto has no holy texts, and there is no individual founder. It is said that Shinto has been practiced for more than 2,000 years.

 One of the most important elements of Shinto is paying respect and seeking harmony between people and nature, among our families, communities, and the world. In today’s society, the need to strive for these goals has become more apparent than ever before. 

 We hold various events introducing the traditional Japanese eco-conscious way of life so that future generations can enjoy nature as we do. Details about Shinto and these events can be found on our Newsletter, website, and social media. Please come and enjoy our events!!

May the Nature Spirits be with you!
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 当神社では、季節の行事や文化・伝統を紹介するイベントを開催しています。詳細はNews Letter, ウェブサイト、SNSを参照ください。
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