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We perform various Shinto ceremonies and services in accordance with your wishes, including:

Kai-un Shofuku: for good luck
Shōbai Hanjo, Eigyō Hanei: for business success
Shusse: for career success
Byōki Heiyu: for recovering from illness
Yaku-yoke/Yaku-barai: for protection during critical years
Kōtsu Anzen: for safe driving
Anzan: for healthy delivery for mother and children
Kanai Anzen: for family health and safety
Shingan Joju: for granting wishes
Gōkaku Kigan: for passing examinations
Gokoku Hōjō: for bountiful harvests
Tairyo Manzoku: for good catches of fish
Kaijō Anzen: for safety at sea
Enmusubi: for solidifying a romantic connection
Ryōen Joju: for finding good relationships
Dōjō Biraki: for opening ceremonies to pray for success of a dojo
Dōjō Anzen Kigan: for dojo safety
Shichi-Go-San: for children aged 3, 5, and 7
Hatsumiya-mairi: for an infant’s first shrine visit to show appreciation to Kami
Jichin-sai: groundbreaking, praying for safety and paying respect to the land before construction begins
Tenpo Kaiten Kiyobarai: for purification before opening an office, store or restaurant
Kaiten/Kaigyo: for opening ceremonies to pray for success of the business
Hit Kigan: for box office success
Satsuei Anzen: for safety during filming
Kekkon Shiki: wedding ceremony
Osou Shiki: funeral ceremony


Please make a reservation or appointment on here.

Ceremonis/Services/Gokito application form download here.

Fee for ceremonies/services: From $50.00

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