The closing talk and archive video. Who can watch them?

To start raising funds to open a community center (Shinto Shrine) and hold various events, we have decided that starting from the July 2020 Tsukinami-sai, the priest’s Closing Talk will usually only be open to members and patrons (from Silver patrons). If you are interested in hearing the Closing Talk, please join our membership through our website or our Patreon page. The Closing Talks will explain the prayers that were read, discuss traditional Japanese customs, and include other information and backgrounds.

Service live stream:

  • From the beginning to before the Closing Talk —- Available to the public/non-members
  • Closing Talk —- Available to Silver Patrons, Gold Patrons, and Shinto Inari Kai regular and VIP members.

Service video archive:

  • The first half of the service —-  Available to the public/non-members
  • From the beginning to before the Closing Talk —- Bronze Patrons
  • From the beginning through the end of the Closing Talk —- Silver Patrons, Gold Patrons, Shrine’s Shinto Inari Kai members

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