We always welcome volunteers.

Volunteering will increase your knowledge of Shinto and contribute to a stronger bond with Kami-sama.

Details and submission form for Shrine volunteer is here.

Currently we are looking for volunteers who can contribute to:

Release, event info and posting 

– Email distribution (write, review, publish)

– Social media posting (write, review, publish): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

– Website positing (write, review, publish): Need to learn or know how to post on WordPress.

– Youtube posting (create livestream link, write description)

– Vimeo and website posting (when archive video is ready, post the file to vimeo and website)

Fundraising work

– Research crowdfund 

– Create crowdfund account

– Manage crowdfund 

E-book publishing work

– Research Kindle digital publishing

– Create digital publishing account for Shrine

– Re-format files to digital publishing

– Publish e-book


We are looking for an attorney/paralegal who could offer some occasional guidance in various legal matters.

Car Lover

We are looking for people who are familiar with modifying vehicles, please help us with the mobile shrine project. 

Stocking and warehouse volunteer

This is for volunteers local to Los Angeles; our address is below. Please fill out this registration form to be a Warehouse volunteer. When an event is happening and we need your help, we will contact you to ask about your availability.

  • When an event is happening and we need your help, we will contact you to ask about your availability. 
  • Usually an event will take about 1.5 hours of your time. 
  • There are typically between 1 or 4 events per month (please see our website’s calendar page) .

The Shrine’s warehouse is located in the Palms area in Los Angeles, CA 90034. 
About five minutes walking distance from Metro’s Culver City station.

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