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!!!! We urgently need help for the following work !!!!!!

Shamusho work (Shrine Office Work): Shrine attendance, data entry, making and distributing social media news releases, and organizing Shinto Items.
Event location volunteers: Setting up and running the event booth.
Website: Website design, editing, posting.

No experience is fine, we will teach you!

Volunteering will increase your knowledge of Shinto and contribute to a stronger bond with Kami-sama. And it is good for school credit! 

We welcome your contributions!

Donation Link is here

All profits from our projects, services, and related products are directed towards opening a community center (Shinto Shrine) in Los Angles and will fund events at the center and worldwide to introduce an eco-conscious, traditional Japanese way of living so that the next generation may enjoy nature as we do!

There are many ways to contribute to our dreams:

Join the Shrine Building/Mobile Shrine projects

Become a member of the Shinto Inari Kai (Shrine Membership)

Contribute your time and skills:

We are looking for volunteers remotely and on site. Please visit here for details.

Contribute offerings: We welcome sake and food donations to use for offerings to Kami-sama. For every Shinto ceremony, we need sake, rice, salt, sea food, vegetables and fruit. If you grow rice, vegetables and or fruit, please send us some. Also instacart, door dash, and amazon fresh delivery are welcome too. For details, please contact us.

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Our fox (kitsune) character

Our fox (“kitsune” in Japanese) character was designed by professional manga artist Ryo Azuki. You can find her manga and goods at

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