Our enshrined deities (Gosaijin)

 Shusse Inari Shrine has two principal enshrined deities (shusaijin). The first shusaijin is 宇迦之御魂神 (Uka-no-Mitama-no-kami), who is the deity of productivity, business, food, and harvests, and whose workings give us life as human beings. It is through this Kami’s divine virtue as the root of life that we can enjoy the blessings of nature. The second shusaijin is 誉田別命 (Homudawake-no-Mikoto), the deity of literary and military arts to whom samurai paid respect.

 Joining the two main deities are four subsidiary deities, namely 大床主神 (Ōtokonushi-no-kami) for recovery from illness, 武甕槌神 (Takemikaduchi-no-kami) and 経津主神 (Futsunushi-no-kami) for pen and sword, and 水波女神 (Mizuhame-no-kami) for safe transportation by water.

 The enshrinements of Takemikaduchi-no-kami and Futsunushi-no-kami were originally located at a nearby Matsue han school as the school’s tutelary deities. Due to the abolition of the han system and subsequent closure of han schools in 1871, these deities were transferred to our shrine.

 Massha (Associate Shrines) are Auxiliary Shrines, which house deities that are associated in some way with the main Kami. Here they include 須佐之男命 (Susanoo-no-mikoto), 大物主神 (Ōmononushi-no-kami), 大床主神 (Ōtokonushi-no-kami), 菅原道真公 (Sugahara Michizane), 事代主神 (Kotoshironushi-no-kami) enshrined.








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