Ceremonies ご祈祷・ご祈願・各種神事


From wishing for recovery from illness, for the health and safety of family members, a blessing for the ages of misfortune, passing examinations, the success of your career or business, safe driving, building new relationships, fertility and safe childbirth… Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America offers various ceremonies by request. Please reference the list of what we offer.

Let us assist you by asking for Kami-samas’ blessings!

It is customary to attend the ceremony and receive the blessing and Shinto Items in person. However, we accept requests to hold the ceremony with or without using an online communications program and then mail the Shinto Items which we pray with during the ceremony to you.

Please fill out the application form then send it to us along with the donation.

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Privacy information
In many of our ceremonies, we tell Kami-sama private items such as your wishes, name, address, age, birthday, and other private information depending upon the ceremony, such as the name of your doctor and hospital, the type of illness you have. Although we never purposely give out private information, saying them aloud can sometimes be overheard–Shrines are open to the public. In any of our ceremonies that you attend or have us perform remotely, if you do not wish certain information to be read aloud, please let us know.

Please reference Gokitō donation etiquette here.


From wishing for recovery from illness, the success of your career or business, safe driving, fertility, and safe childbirth… We offer various Gokitō/Gokigan by request. 商売繁盛、家内安全、病気平癒、厄除け、交通安全、心願成就、縁結び、子授け、安産...など、アメリカ出世稲荷神社ではさまざまなご祈祷・ご祈願をご奉仕しています。

Life Milestone

Shichi-go-san (Children’s Blessing for ages 3, 5, 7), Hatsumiya Mairi (Baby Blessings), Yaku-Yoke/Yaku-Barai (Blessing for the Ages of Misfortune), Kekkonshiki (Wedding), Toshi Iwai (Age Celebration) ...We offer various Life Milestone ceremonies by request. 七五三、初宮詣、厄除け・厄祓い、結婚式、還暦の健康祈願...など、アメリカ出世稲荷神社では、人生の節目のご祈祷・御祝いをご奉仕しています。


Dōjō Biraki (Dōjō Opening), Jichin-sai (Groundbreaking), Kaiten/Kaigyō (Blessing & Purification for New Bussiness), Osōshiki (Funeral), Shikinen-sai (Anniversary Service of Passing) … Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America offers various ceremonies by request. 地鎮祭、道場開き、開店・開業・開所、お葬式、式年祭など、アメリカ出世稲荷神社ではさまざまなご祈祷・ご祈願をご奉仕しています。


The misfortune years for men are at age 25, 42, and 61, and for women are at age 19, 33, 37, and 61. All of these ages are Kazoedoshi. We offer a very special Yakudoshi ritual blessings which we have passed down for generations in our family and at Shusse Inari Shrine. 人生の中でも身体や環境に変化が訪れる時期であることから、災厄に見舞われる恐れがある年齢とされ、その年齢を厄年と言います。女性の33歳、男性の42歳は大厄とされ、特に大きな厄難に見舞われる可能性があると言われています。アメリカ出世稲荷神社では、当神社に古くから伝わる特別なご祈祷で厄祓いをご奉仕しています。

Visit of Gratitude & Otakiage

A visit of gratitude is a tradition in which after a prayer ceremony (gokito/gokigan), regardless of success or failure, a person visits to pay their respects to the Kami-sama to express their gratitude. ご祈祷・ご祈願をした後、成否にかかわらず、神様に御礼を伝えに参拝するのが御礼参りです。人に礼を尽くすように、神恩感謝の習慣を持つことで日々の暮らしが充実していきます。また、神札やお守り、縁起物(熊手、破魔矢など)を持ち帰った後、何年も放置していませんか? 1年を目処に新しい神札・お守り・縁起物に取り替えましょう。古い神札やお守り、縁起物などはお焚きあげをしていただきましょう。

Otakiage, Returning Juyohin (Shinto Items e.g. Ofuda, Omamori) after one year

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