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We are welcoming new members to the membership group of Shusse Inari Shrine of America. This group is devoted to faith in Shusse Inari no Okami and seeking the happiness this faith can provide. Shusse Inari Shrine’s main deity is 宇迦之御魂神 (Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami), who is the deity of productivity, business, food, and harvests, and whose workings give us life as human beings. It is through this kami’s divine virtue as the root of life that we can enjoy the blessings of nature. Our membership also seeks world peace and living harmoniously with nature.

VIP membership omamori card

Members’ benefits:

  • Membership omamori card (please consider this membership car as omamori, so return or as care as what old omamori you do after 1 year)
  • Membership handbook (one per family)
  • Fox charm will be mailed
  • Your new membership will be reported to Shusse Inari no Ōkami
  • Service for good luck, health, and prosperity every month
  • Service for good luck on each member’s birthday month
  • Hitogata for seasonal services will be mailed and no charge for hitogata plan of Nagoshi-no-Harae 
  • Mail birthday cards
  • Access to the Closing Talk YouTube streaming service
  • Access to Inari Dojo (a virtual Dojo once a month with lectures about Japanese culture, customs, traditions, and Shinto as well as Japanese pop culture and language! These Dojos will be video and/or audio recordings).
  • A special gift will be sent for the third year of membership

VIP members’ (sodai) benefits:

    • Regular members’ benefits
    • Able to perform tamagushi hairei when attending omatsuri
    • Able to attend naorai and sharing of shinsen after omatsuri
    • Gift from shrine

Family membership:

Family membership is available in which each family member receives their own membership benefits (except handbook).

Membership fee:

Standard membership
  Within U.S. Outside U.S.
Individual $100 $130
Family (max 5 people) $200 $250
VIP membership
  Within U.S.  Outside U.S.
 Individual $200 $230
Family (max 5 people) $400 $450
※ Memberships are good for one year and are reneweable annually.

Please fill out the application form and email or mail us.  MembershipApplicationForm

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