Shinto Inari Kai 神道稲荷会

We welcome new members to Shinto Inari Kai wherever you might live, the membership group of Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America. This group is devoted to faith in Shusse Inari Ōkami-sama and seeking the happiness this faith can provide. Shusse Inari Shrine’s main Kami-sama is 宇迦之御魂神 (Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami), who is the kami of prosperity whose virtues include success in business and careers, abundant harvests, and giving us life as human beings. It is through this Kami’s divine virtue as the root of life that we can enjoy the blessings of nature. Our membership also seeks world peace and living harmoniously with nature.

Becoming a Member

We have partnered with Join It for our new membership management app for you! This move will replace Patreon and the previous Shrine membership application on the website. All membership records from January 2017 to April 2024 have been migrated to this new application.

With Join It you get:  

– Choice of monthly or yearly memberships

– Exclusive member login area on the Shrine website using the Join It login

– Complete video archives in the members’ area

– Update and manage your membership anytime!   

– Ceremonies and Shinto items requested with order history (Coming soon!)

Additional Benefits:

Shrine Discord server that hosts exclusive member events. It works just like a digital community center. You can chat with other members, share your favorite anime, or practice your Japanese!

Completing you Application

You may fill out your membership application through Join It or by downloading the application form and sending it to

You may fill out this form in your browser, download it, and email it to us. Preview (OSX), Adobe Reader, Firefox, or other PDF readers will also work

Membership levels

Monthly Suzu and Inaho memberships are automatically renewed each month for one year.
Automatic renewal for yearly memberships is optional. Overseas means outside of the USA. Memberships start on the 1st of the Month

Inari Dojo
Monthly only- $10
Basic non-member monthly account

 – Invitation to the Shrine Discord Server- Virtual Community Center
 – Receive our monthly newsletter and notification of public ceremonies
 – Access full Shrine video archives including Inari Dojo archives

| Monthly $15 – Yearly $100 | Overseas: Monthly $20 USD Yearly $130 USD |

Shinto Inari Kai Individual Membership

– Invitation to the Shrine Discord Server- Virtual Community Center
– Access to Inari Dojo
– Membership and Induction announcement to Shusse Inari Ōkami-sama at monthly Tsukinami-sai
– Access to our video archive of monthly and seasonal ceremonies 
– Membership-only items: Membership Omamori, Membership handbook, Kitsune Omamori
– Gokitō for good luck on birthday month – birthday card and Omamori sticker 
– Prepared Hitogata (Tokusa-no-kamdakara with ritual kanji) for seasonal ceremonies
– Hitotaga ritual included in membership for Nagohi-no-Harae
– Special 5-year membership anniversary gift


| Monthly $25  Yearly $200   | Overseas: Monthly $30 USD Yearly $250 USD |
Shinto Inari Kai VIP Individual Membership

– Same as our Suzu memberships and…
– Return envelope with postage for Hitogata (USA only)
– Invitation to perform Tamagushi Hairei while participating in ceremony in person 
– Invitation to join on-site Naorai (ceremony feast) and share Tessen (ceremony offerings) after seasonal ceremonies. Off-site will receive Naorai package in mail
 – A gift from the Shrine

| Yearly $200  VIP $400 |   Overseas: Yearly $230 USD – VIP $470 USD |
Shinto Inari Kai Family and VIP Family Membership

Yearly: Same as Suzu memberships for up to five (5) members residing at the same address.
VIP Yearly: Same as Inaho memberships for up to five (5) members residing at the same address.

Handbook table of contents, Shrine bookmark, and Membership Omamori. 2023 examples.
Handbook front and back covers, Shrine bookmark, and Membership Omamori.2023 examples


Join It is connected with Stripe to make payments fast, secure, and easy for you! You may not choose any of the options below for payment if you choose Monthly Suzu and Inaho memberships. They must be automatically renewed each month for one year and therefore must go through Join It

We still take payments through the Shinto Inari Paypal Giving Fund, by check, or money order.

Paypal Giving Fund -Please fill out the application form below, include your Paypal Giving Fund transaction number and email it to

No anonymous Membership donations. Please share your name and email when completing your donation through Paypal so that we may accurately match you to your Join It account.

Check/Money Order – Please make checks/money orders payable to Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America. If you are not sending your payment with your application please put the payment type and check number and email it to

Mail to: The Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America 9854 National Blvd., #284, Los Angeles, CA 90034

May the Kami-sama

be with you!

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