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Purify and recharge your spirit for The New Year 2019.

Setsubun (February 3rd) is New Years in the lunar calendar, it is the day a new season begins. From ancient times, the Japanese people have prayed for purification, and to be rid of the previous year’s Kegare. New Year’s rituals are for cleansing and refreshing of energy for their spirit. Kegare means “withered spirit.” During the year, the energy […]

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明けましておめでとうございます。Happy New Year! 2019 

We held Saitan-sai on January 1st at Little Tokyo for praying everybody’s prosperity, safe and healthy life as well as world peace. We wish you a new year filled with prosperity and happiness! Arigato for all to come and pray at our booth. Arigato for volunteers to help our booth where was extremely popular in the […]

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