Japanese people traditionally receive Engimono during the New Year season to bring in good luck for the New Year. Please display Engimono high on the north or west wall, or put them on a shelf in your living room or workplace. One year after receiving an Engimono, we recommend you replace it with a new one.

If you would like to request to obtain our Shinto Items, please use the Request  Form.

After we received your request form, we will send an email and donation invoice including shipping and PayPal transaction fees via PayPal.

Kumade (Bamboo Rake) Large 熊手(大)
Donation/初穂料: $25.00 each

This Kumade is blessed so you can “rake” in happiness, good luck, money, and success in business. 福徳をかき集められるようご祈祷した縁起物です。

Hamaya (Decorative Arrow) 破魔矢
Donation/初穂料: $15.00 each

This Hamaya is blessed for warding off evil. 魔を寄せ付けないようご祈祷した縁起物です。

Hamayumi (Decorative Arrow & Bow) 破魔弓
Donation/初穂料: $20.00 each

This Hamayumi is blessed for warding off evil. 弓と矢がセットになっているもので、「破魔矢」と同じように魔を寄せ付けないようご祈祷した縁起物です。

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