Shrine Building Project


The Inari Project is a fund-raising project for the construction of a Shinto Shrine dedicated to Inari Ōkami. The shrine will also be used as a community center.



Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America was approved in 2017 as a nonprofit organization in the United States. Shinto is a cornerstone of Japanese traditional culture and customs for people in the US and worldwide.

Our parent shrine, Shusse Inari Shrine, sits in the mythic hometown of Matsue in Shimane prefecture (old name Izumo). It can be traced back to the 12th century. The head priest’s family has been taking care of this shrine for many generations. We introduce Shinto, a way of life that values nature and harmony. Until now, we have not had an Inari shrine building in the United States. We have had many requests, so with your help we will build a shrine (rental space is the ideal for the first step).

When the shrine is built, you will be able to visit any time, or attend ceremonies, such as:

  • Hatsumōde, the first shrine visit of the new year
  • Shichigosan, baby’s first shrine visit
  • Weddings
  • Year-end celebrations
  • Yakudoshi, good luck blessings
  • Ceremonies for success and realization of dreams

There will also be community events to convey the traditional culture such as:

  • Miko (Shrine Maiden) class
  • Kagura playing class
  • Summer Camp to learn Japanese Mythology
  • Kids theater class
  • Speed dating style Japanese conversation class
  • Shinto Etiquette class
  • Kimono fitting class

However, building a shrine in southern California, one of the most expensive real estate areas in the United States, cannot be achieved without your support.

We are looking for contributors for the following projects:

Mobile Shrine Project: If you have aTruck, Gooseneck Campers, or Custom RV that you can donate, please let us know!

Shrine Building Project:
If you have property we can use, please let us know!

Donate to the Building a Shrine or Mobile Shrine project:
Tax deductible donations for this project start at $20. Please use this donation form if you would like to help.






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