Please write your wishes on the back and display it high on the north or west wall or shelf in your living room or workplace. If you could visit our shrine and hang your Ema on the Ema hanger, it would be perfect. One year after receiving an Ema, we recommend you replace it with a new one.

If you would like to request to obtain our Shinto Items, please use the Request  Form.

After we received your request form, we will send an email and donation invoice including shipping and handling fees via PayPal.

Please note that Ema are not purchased, they are obtained by making a donation. The suggested donation amounts shown on our site are minimums to cover material and labor.

2024’s Ema (Oriental zodiac) 干支の絵馬 OUT OF STOCK
Donation/初穂料:$20.00 - $30.00 each OUT OF STOCK

his Ema is illustrated with the zodiac animal for the year and is blessed to make your wish for the year come true.


Ema (Wishing Board – Fox Color-) 絵馬(きつね、カラー)
Donation/初穂料:$15.00 each

It is blessed for success in business and huge harvests (prosperity). 裏に願い事を書いて、神社の絵馬掛けに掛けて奉納するか、持ち帰って部屋の壁や棚に飾ります。

Ema (Wishing Board -Fox-) 絵馬(きつね)
Donation/初穂料:$10.00 each

It is blessed for success in business and huge harvests (prosperity). Each Ema is handcrafted by Shrine staff, and each is unique. 裏に願い事を書いて、神社の絵馬掛けに掛けて奉納するか、持ち帰って部屋の壁や棚に飾ります。

合格絵馬Passing examinations or auditions
$15.00 each

This Ema is blessed for passing examinations or auditions, as expressed in the picture of an arrow shot in the center of a target. Please write your wishes for passing an examination or audition on the back.



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