On the day of the Service, June 30th, 2019, we performed the service for Nagoshi-no-Harae in our traditional ritual way that has been passed down from generation to generation through the long history of Shusse Inari Shrine. We read each person’s name and address who sent/handed Hitogata during the service to pray for their purification, good fortune, and happiness, as well as to recharge their spirit for a safe and healthy summer and 2nd half of the year. We pray that you will continue receiving the blessings of the Shusse Inari Spirits. Also participants built then walked through the large Chinowa wreath to pray for good health, safety, and happiness through the second half of the year. Arigato gozaimasu #VeniceLearningGarden for sharing bamboo to this ceremony.


We held Shinto workshop for foreigners on June 8th.

We plan to hold this workshop again on May/June 2019. We also plan to organize a Japanese mythology tour by Shinto priest near the future.

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