From ancient times, the Japanese people practiced Toshikoshi-no-Ōharae, a prayer to purify and to rid themselves of the year’s yakunan (illness, accident, injury, fight etc…) or “bad luck” and kegare, or “withered spirit”. Over the course of the year, the energy of a person’s spirit is diminished by tiredness, stress, and other pressures, so Toshikoshi-no-Ōharae rituals are performed at the end of the year to cleanse and refresh this energy and recharge the spirit. Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America provides these traditional services with mystic rituals that have been passed down through the generations of our family. 

One such ritual is the use of hitogata on which have been written the mystic words, “Tokusa-no-kamdakara.” Hitogata are slips of paper cut into the shape of a person, and it is believed that the hitogata represents the person concerned.  In the Toshikoshi-no-Ōharae service, the hitogata is thought to carry all of that person’s kegare.

We also serve this service for pet and car.





[How to use hitogata]

  1. Write your name, address and age on the front of hitogata.
  2. Breathe upon the hitogata.
  3. Wipe on the body part one wishes to improve or renew with the hitogata. For example, one suffering from knee pain would wipe the hitogata on their knee, or, if they wish to be smarter, on their head.Complete the application form and select the package plan (please reference other release).
  4. Prepare the donation service fee.
  5. Mailed (arrived before December 28th) to Shrine Office.

Check:  Payable to Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America

PayPal:; please include the PayPal’s transaction fee.


  1. 人形に名前、年齢(数え年)、住所を書き、息を吹きかけます。
  2. 祓ってほしいことを念じ、体の良くなって欲しい部分を、願い事を唱えながら人形でさすります。肩こりが治って欲しい場合は、「肩こりが治りますように」と言いながら人形で肩をさすります。頭が良くなって欲しい人は、「頭が良くなりますように」と言いながら人形で頭をさすります。良くなって欲しい部分が複数でも構いません。
  3. ご祈祷プランを選んで、申込用紙を記入します。
  4. ご祈祷料をご用意ください。

      チェックの宛名:Payable to Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America




人形(ひとがた)プラン10ドル 〜 HitogataPlan  minimum $10.00


狐プラン20ドル 〜 Kitsune plan minimum $20.00


稲荷プラン40ドル〜  Inari plan minimum $40.00


家族プラン60ドル 〜 Family plan minimum $60.00


HitogataPlan minimum $10.00

 Toshikoshi-no-Ōharae rituals service which is using hitogata (and katashiro).

A Shinto Priest will read each person’s name during the service. Following the service, you will receive a certification of your participation by email.

Kitsune plan minimum $20.00

 Hitogata plan’s benefits and receive purification salt, Blessed Tea

Inari plan minimum $40.00

 Hitogata plan’s benefits and receive purification salt, Blessed Rice.

Family plan minimum $60.00

 Hitogata plan’s benefits for up to five family members (including pets, vehicle) and receive purification salt, Blessed Tea, and Blessed Rice.

Blessed Rice is from the Koda Farms where Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America purified and blessed their field with praying the rice grow the field brings good fortune, happiness and healthy life to the person who eat those rice to Shusse Inari Ōkami-sama.

(Please visit our website for details of our enshrined Kami-sama at “Gosaijin” page)

Koda Farms website:

Blessed Tea is from Maeda-en. It is the Premium Sen-cha Tea Bags. Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America blessed and prayed to Shusse Inari Ōkami-sama for the tea brings good fortune, happiness and healthy life to the person who drink them. Maeda-en website:

Can’t join us in person next Friday (Nov. 13) for our once-a-year Aki-matsuri? Watch our VIDEO livestream on our YouTube channel “ShintoInari” starting at 11 AM PST and you won’t miss a thing! Let’s show our gratitude for this year’s harvest and accomplishments and ask for continued blessings from the Nature Spirits together!

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