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節分祭 Setsubun-sai (Livestream only) for 2021 on Tuesday, February 2nd, 7 pm (PST)! We are looking for a man and a woman born in the Year of the OX to remotely participate in the ceremony!

Let’s celebrate the New Season’s beginning, pray to get rid of bad spirits and pandemic by showing respect and gratitude to the Nature Spirits, Kami-sama! YouTube Live Stream of Annual Shinto ceremony  節分祭 Setsubun-sai for 2021 on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 at 7:00 pm (PST) 節分祭 Setsubun-sai for 2021 live stream link is here On […]

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成人式 Seijin shiki: Coming of Age

Seijin shiki is a celebration ceremony that congratulates and encourages those who have reached the age of maturity in Japan.

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厄祓い/厄除けと節分の祓(旧正月の祓)Yaku-Barai/Yaku-Yoke: Blessing for Yakudoshi (Ages of Misfortune) and Setsubun-no-Harae: Purify and Recharge your spirit.

Around Setsubun (February 2nd in 2021), Japanese people those who’ve missed Toshikoshi-no-Ōharae and are willing to participate, have a chance to receive Setsubun-no-Harae and those who reach Yakudoshi (Ages of Misfortune) receive blessings for Yaku-Barai/Yaku-Yoke.

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