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2021’s 夏越之祓Nagoshi-no-Harae is coming up! -This year, we still need this! –

Purify and recharge your spirit for the summer!! From ancient times, the Japanese people practiced 夏越之祓Nagoshi-no-Harae, a prayer to purify and to rid themselves of the first half of the year’s 厄難yakunan (illness, accident, fight etc…) or “bad luck” and kegare, or “withered spirit”. Over the course of the first half of the year, the […]

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2021 May 月次祭 Tsukinami-sai

Please join us for our monthly ceremony, Tsukinami-sai! This was held in May, and now the archive video is available on our “ShintoInari” YouTube channel! Tsukinami-sai is the monthly Shinto ceremony to show respect and appreciation and ask for blessings from Kami-sama (Nature Spirits). When you visit Shinto Shrine, you put some Osaisen into the […]

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