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2022 December 月次祭 Tsukinami-sai

Join us on Thursday, December 1st, 7pm (pacific) for December Tsukinami-sai. Please join us for our monthly ceremony! Tsukinami-sai held on December 1st at 7pm (pacific) on our “ShintoInari” YouTube channel. Please join us to when it’s time for the ceremony! At Tsukinami-sai, we show our respects and communicate our gratitude, determination to improve ourselves, and ask for […]

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2023’s Good Fortune Calendar -Preorder Now!! – 2023年開運招福カレンダーご予約受付中

To support the Shrine and our projects, we are now offering calendars that show the following the great and useful information!  – Our Shinto events, so you won’t miss the ceremony!– Each event’s information– Praying methods & etiquette– Japanese & American National Holidays – Lucky days Of course, it is illustrated with beautiful pictures! Preorder your calendar today! We request […]

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Now accepting applications for 2022 年越の大祓 Toshikoshi-no-Ōharae – Your hitogata must arrive before December 28th.

Purify and recharge your spirit for the year From ancient times, the Japanese people practiced 年越の大祓Toshikoshi-no-Ōharae, a prayer to purify and rid themselves of the year’s yakunan, or “bad luck” (illness, accident, injury, fight, misfortune etc.), and kegare, or “withered spirit.” Over the previous six months since Nagoshi-no-Harae, the energy of a person’s spirit is diminished by tiredness, stress, […]

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