We hold various seasonal ceremonies to show our respect and gratitude to Kami-sama. 


Please join us at our ceremonies.



 遙か昔から日本人が代々受け継いできた伝統文化・習慣が急速に失われつつある昨今。私達の世代で消滅させてしまうのか、次の世代に伝えていくかの選択の時期が来ているのではないでしょうか。 自然の力に感謝し、次の世代に伝えるきっかけにしてください。

Tsukinami-sai 月次祭

In the Tsukinami-sai service, we show our respect, appreciation, and ask for blessings from the Nature Spirits, Kami-sama, for all of us and especially Shrine Members and Patreon Subscribers. When we have renewing and/or new member(s), we combine the ceremony with a celebration of their induction as well. Also for those of our members who will be having a birthday that month, we hold a birth-month Kigan Gokitō blessing service after the conclusion of the service. In the Closing Talk, the priest introduces Japanese culture and traditions related with Shinto. Note: The Closing Talk is only open to the members, Silver Patreons and Gold Patreons. If you are interested in hearing the Closing Talk, please join our membership through our website or Patreon.com.

You can watch these ceremonies on our YouTube channel, ShintoInari.


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