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初詣 Hatsumōde / New Years Praying 2019

Yes!!!  We will be back to have booth at Little Tokyo on the New Years Day, January 1st,  2019! We will hold Saitan-sai for praying people’s happiness, safety, success and world peace. You are very welcome to attend Saitan-sai as well as personal prayer. We will have Hamaya, Kumade, Ofuda and Omamori as well as Gokitoh such as Yakuyoke etc… (Please make […]

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国府田ファーム 秋祭りAki (Autumn) Matsuri at Koda Farms

We held Aki Matsuri at Koda Farms. We showed appreciation of this year’s great harvest and pray next year’s great harvest and safety. We held Hatsuuma Matsuri(Spring festival)on March and Taue Kiyobarai (Purification field for Planting Ceremony) on April. We plan to distribute rice from the field we held ceremony from January 1st. Details are […]

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木霊鎮めの祭 Kodama Shizume no Matsuri

Thank you for attending to Kodama Shizume no Matsuri (Calming Spirits of Trees Ceremony) on Sunday, November 4th at The Learning Garden (Venice High School) in Los Angeles, CA! We had about 40 people paid respect and appreciation to tree spirits. We had an introduction / lecture about Shinto and explain about ceremony program as […]

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秋祭り&七五三詣 Aki (Autumn) Matsuri & 753 (Shichi-Go-San) ceremony

We held the Aki (Autumn) Matsuri and 753  (Shichi-Go-San) ceremony.  At Aki Matsuri, we showed appreciation all harvest, success and improvement in 2018 as well as praying great harvest, success, improvement and world peace in 2019 to Kami / spirits. This is the traditional custom and culture which Japanese has been passing along from ancient. At Shichi-Go-San, we […]

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Kaki Taisai (Natsu matsuri) at main shrine

June 9th and 10, we held Kaki Taisai as well as the event of Let’s Kaiun.

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