Bonfire Ritual お焚きあげ Application Form 202010

お焚きあげ申込書 Bonfire Ritual service Application Form

If you wish to receive a hitogata for Nagoshi-no-harae and/or Toshikoshi-no-ōharae from the Shrine, please fill out and submit this form. If you subscribe our event email, you will receive that information.



御玉串料 (お焚きあげご祈祷料)Service fee (Otamagushiryo)

5ドルからお供え下さい。Please donate minimum $5 for Bonfire Ritual service (donations appreciated)             

御玉串料は、チェック、またはペイパルにて受け付けています。We accept donations via check or PayPal.  

Payable to: Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America


ペイパル手数料もお納め下さい。We appreciate it if you cover the PayPal transaction fee. 


mailing list

If you would like to receive upcoming event information via email, please submit via this link.

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