Do you have a mentor or guru to teach Shinto?

Shinto 神道 (way of Kami) is more like culture/custom/tradition than religion. It is the way of living to respect and have a feeling of gratitude to the nature spirits, ancestors, and seeking harmony. Through the Matsuri (ceremony, service), we learn and develop the paying respect and gratitude to them, and harmony. Shinto is different from other religions. It is not like a mentor or guru to teach the method like other religions. (Shinto, there is no funder). 

It is more about you finding the way of living and practicing that lifestyle. Similar to 茶道 (Sado: way of tea/tea ceremony) and/or 剣道 (Kendo: the way of sword) and/or 柔道 (Judo: the way of tender/flexible) that have some 型(kata), etiquette/method/rule, in 神道 Shinto, we do have some kata/method but all these rules stem from the way of showing respect which ancient Japanese people developed. (Shinto, we are told it existed over 2600 years ago).

By attending our ceremonies you will to get to understand Shinto.

We plan to hold various events including lectures to covering the basic ideas of Shinto. These are currently done in the Closing Talks at the end of most online (YouTube live stream) Omatsuri. However, you need to become a shrine member or Patreon supporter to view them (The Omatsuri itself is open to the public). Because we do not have a Shrine building yet (we are about starting fundraising to have one with your support!) there are no in person sessions.

Also, we have uploaded some video clips as well as some sessions via YouTube.

We have an English/Japanese Children’s book which well explains Shinto for a beginner (even adult),  and we have a milestone album which also a good source to know about Shinto and Japanese culture. For more details, please visit our Supporters Club website KitsuneClub.org

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