Praying Etiquette and Method

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Etiquette at the ceremony

To prepare for a Shinto ceremony, please:

  • Before attending a ceremony, please wash your hands and rinse your mouth.
  • Take off your hat and sunglasses.
  • Turn off or silence your cell phone (please disable vibration as well).
  • Wear clothing that is respectful to Kami-sama. Please do not wear flip-flops or sandals. You could consider a more formal shirt (such as a collared shirt or blouse) paired with slacks or a longer skirt, or a dress (though this is only a suggestion).



  • 事前に手を洗い、口をすすいで下さい。
  • 神様に失礼のない服装を着用します。襟のあるシャツやブラウス、ジャケット、長ズボン、ワンピースやスラックス等。ビーチサンダルの着用は控えます。
  • 帽子、サングラスなどは取ります。
  • 携帯電話は消音またはオフにします(バイブはNG)。

Praying Method

Basic Prayer

The basic form of prayer is as follows:

  1. Bow twice deeply (hai twice)
  2. Clap your hands twice (hakushu twice)
  3. Bow once deeply (hai once)

Bowing Technique】

Straighten your back, bend your upper body from the waist, and hold for three seconds. When performed properly, there will be a slight sensation of the rear end sticking out. Your palms should be over your kneecaps.






  • 手を合わせたまま拝をすることはありません。

Tamagushi Hairei 玉串拝礼

Turn clockwise 時計回りに回します


When you attend services/ceremonies, we offer “Ohatsuho-ryō” or “Otamagushi-ryō.” Please reference our website Q&A page for how to write. Please hand them to us when you check-in.

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