How to use the Tessen package items.

When you receive the Tessen package, please consume them. Tessen packages are sent to Shinto Inari Kai VIP members and those who have requested Gokitō.

Tessen were offered to Kami-sama during our ceremony. With Tessen, you can receive part of the power of Kami-sama. By consuming the tessen you can strengthen your bond with Kami-sama.

How to use tessen:

Rice (米) —  Mix some in when cooking rice.

Salt (御祓塩)—   Use for offerings, purification, or cooking.

Kelp (昆布)—  Use for cooking such as Miso soup. (White powder is sea salt). You can eat after you use it as dashi.

Dried Seaweed (わかめ)—  Put some directly in miso soup or soak in cold water for 10 minutes (or warm water 5 minutes) to use in salad. Note: Dried seaweed swells to ten times it’s original size.

Beans (豆)— Please use them for offerings and/or purifications, eat them as is or cook with rice. Eat the number of kazoedoshi* plus one.

*kazoedoshi is: If it is before your birthday in the current year, add 2 years to your actual age, on or after your birthday, add one year.

Sake (酒)— Drink directly or/and use for cooking.

Mochi (餅)— There are several ways to prepare this:

 – Roast or Microwave 5 seconds. or so (If you heat too much, you will not be able to eat it).

 – Soak in soy sauce then wrap in seaweed Nori

 – Dip in soy sauce with sugar

 – Dip in Kinako (soybeans power) with sugar

 – Dip in Anko (Azuki beans)

 – Put Mochi in Udon soup (when you cook Udon soup, put moch just before the soup is done. If you cook it too long the Mochi will melt).

Teaお茶Enjoy hot or cold.

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