Which Kami-sama are honored in an Ofuda obtained from Shusse Inari Jinja?

Ofuda from Shusse Inari Jinja provide a link to all the enshrined Kami-sama of the shrine including those in ancillary shrines on the Shrine grounds. Having an Ofuda from a shrine does not place any limits on what Kami-sama can be honored. 

Most Japanese honor every Kami-sama although they may pray more often at one Shrine or another, either at the shrine or at the Ofuda that they obtained from one or more of those shrines. Shinto Kami-sama do not compete for followers, so it’s fine to honor all Kami-sama. 

Shinto is not like more dogmatic religions where to join, a person must give up what they had before. Similar to a martial art, many disciplines can be practiced, limited only by a person’s time and energy.

More information is available in the Members’ Handbook which is part of your membership package.

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