Dōjō Anzen Success Kigan (Dōjō Safety) 道場安全成功祈願祭

For continued blessings of one’s Dōjō for an additional year.

*Held at your location.

One of the Shusse Inari Jinja’s principles enshrined deities is Homudawake-no-Mikoto, and the subsidiary deity, Takemikaduchi-no-kami, are known for their mastery of the martial arts. This special ceremony will ask for Kami-sama’s blessing for another year of continued safety and success in your dōjō.

The ceremony has a minimum donation of $500 plus travel expenses when applicable.

Perform the ceremony remotely via zoom

Donation to perform the ceremony remotely via zoom (includes  purification salt or Kirinusa and one paper Ofuda): $220 (plus shipping and handling fees). Add $5 for wooden Ofuda.

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