Gokoku Hōjō (Bountiful Harvests) 五穀豊穣

For promoting plentiful and nourishing harvests.

The name of our Kami-sama, Inari Okami, comes from the Japanese phrase “Ine nari” or “Ine ni naru” meaning “to harvest crops (rice)”. Inari Okami (Uka-no-mitama-no-kami) is well-known around the world for having the power to grant bountiful harvests. A person may pray to Kami-sama for divine help so that whatever they grow will be plentiful and nourishing.

The ceremony has a minimum donation of $100 plus shipping when applicable and includes one Omamori.

If you would like the ceremony to be held at your farm, the minimum donation is $500 plus travel expenses when applicable.

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