Kekkon Shiki (Wedding Ceremony) 結婚式

A traditional Shinto wedding ceremony.

By the power of Kami-sama, two people are bound together and celebrate their new married life. Standing before Kami-sama, the marrying couple vow to take on the joys and sorrows of life, build a happy family, and ensure the prosperity of future generations. 

In a traditional Shinto wedding program, a family report is given to the nature spirits (Kami-sama) to inform them that the bride and groom and their respective families will become one, and the couple makes vows to each other before the nature spirits. There is also the famous san-san-kudo (“three times three exchange”), where the groom and bride each take three symbolic sips of sake from three cups. Then, there is the shinzoku-katame-no gi (“strengthening of relations ritual”) when the attendees drink sake and celebrate the two families coming together. 

*Held at your location

We welcome LGBT couples. We can arrange Kimono for you by request.


The ceremony has a minimum donation of $800 plus kimono and travel expenses when applicable. The ceremony includes one Ofuda.

Please make a reservation/appointment here.

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