Kega Heiyu (Recovery from Injury) ケガ平癒

For healing from any physical grievance.

This ceremony is for people who have been injured and wish to recover. It may be requested by either the person who is , by friends, or by family..

We perform this ceremony following traditional rituals which have been passed down in our family for many generations. One of our enshrined deities is Ōtokonushi-no-kami, the Kami-sama of healing.

To request a ceremony, please fill the application form linked below and send it to us. Provide as much detail as possible about the illness. These details can include the name of the affliction, how long the individual has been suffering, if they will undergo surgery, what kind of surgery, where and when the surgery will take place, the name of the doctor, etc.

The minimum donation is $100 plus shipping when applicable. The ceremony includes a “Recover from Illness” or “Good Health” Omamori.

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