Satsuei Anzen and Seikō Kigan (Safety During Filming, and Sucess of filming and film) 撮影安全・成功祈願

In Japan, we have the tradition to receive blessings by the Shinto priest before we start filming to pray safety and success for the film. It makes the crew's bond stronger as well.

California, especially the Los Angeles area, is well-known for its filmmaking, and many peoples’ hard work contributes to the filming of television programs and films. Either an individual or the crew may pray to the Kami-sama for safe and successful filming from “Action!” to “That’s a wrap!” as well as for the box office success of the film, TV show. It makes the crew’s bond stronger as well.

*Hold at your location or remotely.

The service fee: remotely is a minimum donation of $100. The ceremony, at the location is a minimum donation of $500.

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