Kanreki Iwai (Age Celebration) 還暦祝い

For continued good health and longevity for those aged 60, 69, 76, 79, 87, 89, 98, and 99.

60 years old celebration and praying for good health and longevity.

Every milestone in life is a blessing from Kami-sama. This is especially true for people reaching age 60 years old. Visit us to celebrate these milestones, thank Kami-sama for their blessings up to the present, and pray for continued good health and longevity.

It is said that the ten calendar signs (“Jikkan”) and the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac (“Jūni-shi”) complete one cycle when the birth year of the zodiac returns on a person’s 60th birthday, called Kanreki. For Kanreki, people go to Shinto Shrines to show gratitude to the Kami that they have been able to live this long, as well as to purify any impurities they may have acquired along the way, to recharge their spirits, and to pray for continued health and longevity. For Kanreki it is customary for the person in the celebratory or honorary seat to wear red clothing. The color red is believed to have the power to protect from evil and was therefore the chosen color for clothing newborns. It is said that wearing red clothes for Kanreki symbolizes the celebrator’s return to the clean slate of infancy. Jikkan: Kinoe, Kinoto, Hinoe, Hinoto, Tsuchinoe, Tsuchinoto, Kanoe, Kanoto, Mizunoe, Mizunoto Jūnishi: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar.

The ceremony has a minimum donation of $100 plus shipping when applicable and includes one Omamori. If you would like the ceremony to be held at your location, the minimum donation is $500.

還暦(満60歳) / Kanreki (Age 60)






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