Yakuyoke/Yakubarai (Blessing for the Ages of Misfortune/Yakudoshi) 厄除け・厄祓い

Yakudoshi for women are at age 19, 33, 37, and 61, for men are at age 25, 42, and 61. All of these ages are Kazoedoshi (Eastern Age*).

During a person’s life, many changes may take place in their body and/or environment over the years. As a result, it is said there is a risk of meeting with misfortune. Years in which there is an increased chance of misfortune or challenging situations are called Yakudoshi, meaning “Critical Years” or “Ages of Misfortune.”

The misfortune years for men are at age 25, 42, and 61, and for women are at age 19, 33, 37, and 61. All of these ages are Kazoedoshi (Eastern Age*). It is apparent from historical texts that Yakudoshi already existed as a custom during the Heian Period in Japan (794 – 1185 CE). 

*Before your birthday, add 2 years. After your birthday, add 1 year. Please visit here for details.

However, Yakudoshi are not the only years that one needs to take into account. In addition to the designated misfortune year or “Hon-yaku,” the year before a misfortune year, “Mae-yaku,” and the year after, “Ato-yaku,” also require careful attention in order to avoid misfortune. For this reason, it is necessary to think of Yakudoshi as a three-year period. During this three-year period, people go to Shinto shrines in order to receive blessings from priests to ward off evil and to cleanse themselves of evil influence. Especially Taiyaku 大厄which is middle age Yakudoshi (age 33 and a year before, a year after) are believed very critical. People also pray to purify their bad luck and for good luck charms to bring about better fortune. 

We offer a very special Yakudoshi ritual blessing which we have passed down for generations in our family and at Shusse Inari Shrine.



前厄 / Mae-yaku1824
本厄 / Hon-yaku1925
後厄 / Ato-yaku2026
前厄 / Mae-yaku3241
本厄 / Hon-yaku [大厄Taiyaku]3342
後厄 / Ato-yaku3443
前厄 / Mae-yaku36
本厄 / Hon-yaku37
後厄 / Ato-yaku38
本厄 / Hon-yaku61 (還暦Kanreki)61(還暦Kanreki)
*Ages are Kazoedoshi

2023’s Yakudoshi

前厄 / Mae-yaku18 (born 2006)24 (born 2000)
本厄 / Hon-yaku19 (born 2005)25 (born 1999)
後厄 / Ato-yaku20 (born 2004)26 (born 1998)
前厄 / Mae-yaku32 (born 1992)41 (born 1983)
本厄 / Hon-yaku [大厄Taiyaku]33 (born 1991)42 (born 1982)
後厄 / Ato-yaku34 (born 1990)43 (born 1981)
前厄 / Mae-yaku36 (born 1988)
本厄 / Hon-yaku37 (born 1987)
後厄 / Ato-yaku38 (born 1986)
本厄 / Hon-yaku61 (born 1963)61 (born 1963)
*Ages are Kazoedoshi

The ceremony has a minimum donation of $100 plus shipping when applicable and includes one Omamori. There is a Yakunan Shōjo Ofuda for Yakudoshi available with the ceremony for an additional $20.

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