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Shinto Items Request Form (Entry fields below, please scroll down)

Thank you for your request. We do our best to get back to you within a week. However, December and January are the shrine's busiest months and it may take longer for us to respond. Patience is a virtue. Thank you for your understanding.

To add items or modify to an existing request, please email to us by using our contact form here and write details such as which items are being replaced or added.

After we receive your request form, we will send an email and donation invoice via PayPal. Please understand it might take a few days to a week or so depending up on Shrine activities.

To ensure your request is fulfilled be sure to include the color and exact description. Incomplete requests will be moved to the end of the line.

Minimum donation amounts do not include USPS shipping fees, sales tax, or customs duties. Do Not Send Cash

***** Requests from outside of the U.S.
We ship using the U.S. Post Office's Priority Mail (except the countries which don't have a stable postal service). Shipping costs may be high and there may be additional tariffs or duties for countries outside of the U.S. Please check the postal rates and customs duties for your country before placing a request for Shinto Items to avoid being surprised.

About Juyohin
Shinto Items that are consecrated should be returned to the Shrine for Otakiage after one year, please wrap them carefully because they are still linked to Kami-sama. You may request inner envelopes you can use for this purpose.
Wrap them carefully while feeling appreciation for their blessings. 
Note: They are still connected to Kami-sama and should be placed in an inner envelope.
For details, please visit
Omamori Gift Envelopes and Miscellaneous 
Order Omamori Gift Envelopes for Omamori using this form. The envelopes are small, so large items, such as Ema, Ofuda will not fit. We will not send envelopes for items that will not fit in them.
Please order no more envelopes than the number of Omamori ordered. Additional envelopes can be provided for an additional donation.
Only colors shown on the Shinto Items pages are available.

Are any of the Omamori gifts? If so, we can include an Omamori envelope. Please indicate the number of envelopes you would like to receive. (Add "Omamori Gift Envelopes" as an item name.) Box sets are too large to fit in these envelopes.

Contact Info

Please let us know where to ship. If this is a new address, please let us know in the additional information field below!

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