Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America is thrilled to announce that our renewed website ( is live today, Friday, October 30th, 2020!

   While some areas of our website are still under construction, we decided to open the new site today in order to resolve our earlier site’s inconvenient design as soon as possible and to start this new chapter in the life of our Shinto Shrine on an auspicious day in the Shinto calendar.  

   Our website has a fresh new look and offers tons of new information about our Shinto Shrine, our ritual services, Shinto items, membership, upcoming events, and future projects in both English and Japanese. We hope that you will find visiting our website an easy, refreshing, and informative experience. Be sure to check our website often for updated news and resources!***

   We welcome your support! If you are interested in contributing to the ongoing development of our website, please contact us directly at or via the contact form on our website at

   ***We are now accepting advance orders for our New Year’s (Oshōgatsu) Shinto Items, including ofuda, omamori, ema and engimono! All items are back in stock! Please submit your orders through the request form on our website.

May the Kami-sama be with you!


Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America’s very own Rev. Izumi Hasegawa was recently interviewed by the BBC podcast “Heart And Soul” for a special on the spiritual importance of water in cultures around the world! Rev. Hasegawa will discuss the significance of water in Shinto. Tune in live this weekend starting on October 30th according to your time zone, or listen to the episode whenever you like online after the broadcast!
Listen to the show here!

Please join Rev. Izumi Hasegawa on November 1, 2020 at 7:00PM PST (please note Daylight Savings is over on that day) for the monthly Tsukinamisai 月次祭 Shinto service livestream on our YouTube channel “ShintoInari”! Please make sure to note the time change since Daylight Savings will be over.Tsukinami-sai is the Shinto service to show respect and appreciation and ask for blessings from the nature spirits. Since we have renewed members, we will combine the service with a celebration of the member’s induction. Also for our members who have a birthday this month, we will hold a birth-month Kigan Gokitō blessing service after the conclusion of the service.This month’s exclusive Closing Talk for members and Patreon patrons is about “Shichi-go-san,” Children’s Blessings for ages 3, 5, and 7.Let’s show our respect and appreciation for the Nature Spirits (Kami-sama) and ask for blessings.

Join here to 月次祭 Tsukinami-sai for November 2020

Rev. Hasegawa has received the first rice ears (inaho) of this year’s bountiful harvest from local, third-generation Japanese rice farm, Koda Farms – A California Farming Legacy Since 1928. These rice ears will be offered to the Kami-sama in gratitude for their blessings and a good harvest. The rice ears from Koda Farms will also used to handcraft the Autumn Festival’s good luck rice ear charms, a special gift prepared by hand for those who request a prayer service for good luck and health. For an extra $10, you can also receive one pound of Blessed Rice. Please join us on Friday, Nov. 13th for the Autumn Festival and contact us to request a prayer service for good luck and health and our Blessed Rice! 

Our Blessed Rice has this story…

For centuries, the Japanese have paid respect at Inari Shrines whose deity is a guardian for farmers bringing prosperity and bountiful harvests. Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America has a special relationship with Koda Farms, a third-generation Japanese rice farm located in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley.

Rev. Izumi Hasegawa visits Koda Farms seasonally to hold a Shinto service to ask for the Kami-sama’s blessings. In the Spring, Rev. Hasegawa holds Haru Matsuri (Spring Festival) and Taue Kiyobarai (Purification of the Rice Fields). She visits the rice fields to ask Kami-sama for the rice growing there to produce a bountiful harvest, for the safety of the farmers, and for the rice to bring happiness, good luck, and health to the people who eat it. And in the Autumn, Rev. Hasegawa traditionally holds the Autumn Festival to show appreciation to Kami-sama for the bountiful and safe harvest and ask Kami-sama once again for the rice harvested to bring good luck and health to the people who eat it.

In this way, the rice from Koda Farm’s fields are twice-blessed by the Kami-sama, and it is precisely this bountiful harvest of rice that we will express our gratitude for during our upcoming Autumn Festival on Friday, November 13th! People who request an Autumn Festival prayer service for good fortune and health (minimum donation $50) will receive a special good luck rice-ear charm handcrafted by Rev. Hasegawa from Koda Farms rice ears, and can receive one pound of nourishing Blessed Rice for an additional donation of $10.

Flyer download is here


Flyer download is here

お問い合わせContact here

Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America will hold three special events: the Autumn Festival, blessing services for children age three, boys age five, and girls age 7 (Shichigosan), and our annual bonfire ritual.

 Let us express our gratitude to the Kami-sama for the growth of our children and pass on eco-conscious Japanese culture to the next generation. During the Autumn Festival, we thank the Kami-sama for this year’s harvest and accomplishments and pray for their continued protection. At the bonfire ritual (Otakiage), we hold a ceremony to give thanks for the past year’s sacred items like ofuda and omamori amulets and then burn them.

Friday, November 13, 2020Autumn Festival, Shichigosan, and Bonfire RitualAutumn Festival and Bonfire Ritual:11:30 AM〜(Please visit freely)
Prayer ceremonies:12:00 PM〜
Real/In-Person Shichigosan visit:1:00 PM〜2:30PM(Please register by 11/5)
Location:Swan Fence Inc. Courtyard       600 W Manville St, Compton, CA 90220(Parking lot is available)
Shichigosan service fee:$50(Includes one omamori and a special gift)
Photos:$30(We will send you the digital copy)
※If you have old omamori or ofuda, please mail it along with the sacred branch fee.
The events will be canceled in the rain.
RSVP is here
Gokitō Application Form

!! Autumn Festival Only !!

Those who request a prayer service for good luck and health will receive an Autumn Festival exclusive good luck rice-ear charm  (It can be mailed to those who cannot visit).

Service fee: $50

A good luck rice-ear charm is a gohei ritual wand decorated with rice ears from this year’s first harvest.

For an additional $10, we will include our Blessed Rice for goodluck and health (1 pound) from Koda Farms.

Stay Home Shichigosan

(Reservation required)

 We will hold the prayer service remotely for you over the phone.

Date: Sunday, Nov. 15th, 11 AM~3 PM

Service fee:$50 including postage    (includes omamori & gift)

RSVP is here

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