Arriving Inaho from Koda Farms国府田ファームから稲穂が届きました

October 23, 2020

Rev. Hasegawa has received the first rice ears (inaho) of this year’s bountiful harvest from local, third-generation Japanese rice farm, Koda Farms – A California Farming Legacy Since 1928. These rice ears will be offered to the Kami-sama in gratitude for their blessings and a good harvest. The rice ears from Koda Farms will also used to handcraft the Autumn Festival’s good luck rice ear charms, a special gift prepared by hand for those who request a prayer service for good luck and health. For an extra $10, you can also receive one pound of Blessed Rice. Please join us on Friday, Nov. 13th for the Autumn Festival and contact us to request a prayer service for good luck and health and our Blessed Rice! 

Our Blessed Rice has this story…

For centuries, the Japanese have paid respect at Inari Shrines whose deity is a guardian for farmers bringing prosperity and bountiful harvests. Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America has a special relationship with Koda Farms, a third-generation Japanese rice farm located in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley.

Rev. Izumi Hasegawa visits Koda Farms seasonally to hold a Shinto service to ask for the Kami-sama’s blessings. In the Spring, Rev. Hasegawa holds Haru Matsuri (Spring Festival) and Taue Kiyobarai (Purification of the Rice Fields). She visits the rice fields to ask Kami-sama for the rice growing there to produce a bountiful harvest, for the safety of the farmers, and for the rice to bring happiness, good luck, and health to the people who eat it. And in the Autumn, Rev. Hasegawa traditionally holds the Autumn Festival to show appreciation to Kami-sama for the bountiful and safe harvest and ask Kami-sama once again for the rice harvested to bring good luck and health to the people who eat it.

In this way, the rice from Koda Farm’s fields are twice-blessed by the Kami-sama, and it is precisely this bountiful harvest of rice that we will express our gratitude for during our upcoming Autumn Festival on Friday, November 13th! People who request an Autumn Festival prayer service for good fortune and health (minimum donation $50) will receive a special good luck rice-ear charm handcrafted by Rev. Hasegawa from Koda Farms rice ears, and can receive one pound of nourishing Blessed Rice for an additional donation of $10.

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