We hold various seasonal ceremonies to show our respect and gratitude to Kami-sama. 


Please join us at our ceremonies.



 遙か昔から日本人が代々受け継いできた伝統文化・慣習が急速に失われつつある昨今。私達の世代で消滅させてしまうのか、次の世代に伝えていくかの選択の時期が来ているのではないでしょうか。 自然の力に感謝し、次の世代に伝えるきっかけにしてください。

Setsubun-sai 節分祭

About Setsubun

The original meaning of Setsubun is “dividing season,” and the beginning of each of the four seasons was called Setsubun. However, the day before the first day of spring in the lunar calendar is New Year’s Eve, and as it marks the seasonal change from harsh winter to spring, it came to be considered an especially important day. During the Edo period, Setsubun came to exclusively mean the day before the first day of spring. Mostly the first day of spring is February 4th, so that Setsubun is February 3rd. We will hold this Setsubun ceremony to show respect and appreciation and present our wishes to the nature spirits. 

 On the Setsubun, we have this custom to do Setsubun no Harai and people who are having yakudoshi (critical year), request to have gokitō such as yakubarai services.

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