Bilingual Children’s Book “Japanese Tradition, Culture & Customs”


This book is a great guide book for beginners of Shinto for all ages including grownups.

A bilingual children’s book “日本の伝統文化と習慣 Japanese Tradition, Culture & Customs” introduces Japanese traditional wisdom. Why Japan still have full of nature even it is a very high tech evolved country?  When you watched the news report of Fukushima and saw Japanese people calmly lining up for food right after the great earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, you may have a question: “how can Japanese people be calm not start riots?” You can find the answer in this book. Through this book, children are encouraged to develop respect and appreciation for nature, objects, and other people, as well as learn greetings and manners. This book can be enjoyed by guardians and children together. Let’s pass along eco-conscious Japanese traditions, culture and customs to the next generation. (book size: 8 ½ x 11 inches)

We will ship to international with adding international shipping fees for international customers. 

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