Fūfu (Happy Married/Partner Couple) BOX SET- Cranes – 夫婦 (鶴)

Donation/初穂料: $20.00 each pair

This Omamori is for married couples or couples in a permanent relationship. For more casual couples (e.g. boyfriend, girlfriend) please consider the En Musubi Omamori. It is blessed for a couple’s love, health, safety, and happiness together in life.

The blue-purple color one is for a husband, the orange-red one is for a wife.

Please note Omamori Gift Envelope is too small for this box.


We offer blessing gokitō ceremony for a couple’s love, health, safety, and happiness together in life following the traditional ritual way which has been passed down in our shrine. Please see the ceremonies page.

Please keep Omamori close to you or with someone you want to receive its blessings. Attach or keep in a purse, backpack, cellphone, bike etc. One year after receiving an Omamori, we recommend you replace it with a new one. Please send back old Omamori to us for Bonfire Ritual Service.


Fūfu Omamori comes with a box
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