Fūfu (Happy Married/Partner Couple) BOX SET- Shimenawa Rope – 夫婦 (注連縄)

Donation/初穂料: $20.00 each pair

This Omamori is for married couples or couples in a permanent relationship. For more casual couples (e.g. boyfriend, girlfriend) please consider the En Musubi Omamori. It is blessed for a couple’s love, health, safety, and happiness together in life.

The blue-purple color one is for a husband, the orange-red one is for a wife.

Please note Omamori Gift Envelope is too small for this box.


We offer blessing gokitō ceremony for a couple’s love, health, safety, and happiness together in life following the traditional ritual way which has been passed down in our shrine, because one of our enshrined deities is the Kami-sama of success in romance. Please see the ceremonies page.

Please keep Omamori close to you and your partner. Attach or keep in a purse, backpack, cellphone, bike etc. One year after receiving an Omamori, we recommend you replace it with a new one. Please send back old Omamori to us for Bonfire Ritual.


Fūfu Omamori comes with a box
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