Kitsune (Fox) きつね

Donation/初穂料: $12.00 each

Japanese people believe the fox is the messenger of the Inari deity. This Omamori is inspired by the belief that the fox brings happiness directly from the Inari deity. It is blessed for bringing happiness and a life full of delight as the kanji shows.


This Omamori is blessed for bringing good luck and happiness, safety, success in business, and good health.


Please keep Omamori close to you or with someone you want to receive its blessings such as a child, a pet, or in a vehicle. Attach or keep in a purse, backpack, cellphone, bike etc. One year after receiving an Omamori, we recommend you replace it with a new one. Please send back old Omamori to us for Bonfire Ritual Service.


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