Success in Business (Bare Wood) 商売繁盛(生木札)

Donation/初穂料:$20.00 each

This Ofuda is blessed for bringing success in business.


We offer blessing gokitō ceremony for installing the Ofuda following the traditional ritual way which has been passed down in our shrine. Please see the ceremonies page.

22.5cm x 6.5 cm x 0.8cm  (approx. 9 inches x 2 1/2 inches x 1/4 inch)

Please place the Ofuda in a Kamidana, or high on the north or west wall in your living room or workplace. Although it is common to place an Ofuda in a Kamidana, It is also fine to have just an Ofuda stand or a clean place above eye level. Please place the Ofuda in a well lighted area where everyone gathers–not in a hallway, close, or above a doorway.

One year after receiving an Ofuda, we recommend you replace it with a new one. Please send back old Omamori to us for Bonfire Ritual.


Please note that Ofuda are not purchased, they are obtained by making a donation. The suggested donation amounts shown on our site are minimums to cover material and labor.

A Kamidana obtained from our Shrine is a sacred object and needs to be treated with respect and the proper etiquette. Please keep in mind when obtaining a Kamidana there is an implied commitment to follow the proper respectful customs.

When you receive the Ofuda please follow the instructions for replacing the Ofuda in the Kamidana.

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