Method to replace last year’s Ofuda

Please note: You can only obtain an Ofuda (神札 ) from a Shinto Shrine (神社). Use these links to select and request an Ofuda:

Installing a new Ofuda is similar to the method used to present offerings at the Kamidana

 Change into your day’s clothes and tidy yourself. 
Perform Temizu (washing hands and rinsing mouth). 
Take a few moments to clear your mind and level your spirits. 
Present the Shinsen (offerings) unless already done this day, using proper etiquette.

The Ofuda should be at hand, but don’t hold it just yet.
Prepare an envelope for the old Ofuda.
Approach the Kamidana with the same etiquette used during presentation and removal of Shinsen (stay off the Seichū when approaching).
Perform two Hai (deep bow /90 degree), palms cover knee caps.
Put your hands together, at chest level, do Hakushu twice. (two-claps. Don’t forget to slide the right hand back slightly before clapping.)
Keep your hands together at chest level while expressing your gratitude and appreciation to Kami-Sama, and stating your intent to replace the Ofuda.
Perform one Hai (deep bow/90 degree, palms cover knee caps).

Approach the Kamidana.
Open the doors gently. (If you have a Shinkyo mirror, set it aside.)
Politely take old Ofuda with thoughts of appreciation and place it in the envelope.
With respect and thoughts of appreciation, gently place new Ofuda into the Kamidana.
Close the Kamidana doors. (If you have a Shinkyo mirror, set it back.)

Leave the Kamidana with the same etiquette used when leaving it during the presentation and removal of Shinsen.
Mail the old Ofuda to us along with a donation and we will perform the Bonfire ritual to properly send the Ofuda back to Kami-sama. If you have an Ofuda or other Juyohin from a different shrine and are unable to return it to that shrine, our shrine will properly care for it.

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Use this link to reference the Bonfire Ritual. It’s traditional to make a donation.
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