Oreimairi (Visit of Gratitude) & Otakiage (Bonfire Ritual)御礼参りとお焚きあげ

For paying general respect and gratitude to the Kami-sama.

Visit of Gratitude (Oreimairi)

Do you practice visits of gratitude?

A visit of gratitude is a tradition in which after a prayer service (gokito/gokigan), regardless of success or failure, a person visits to pay their respects to the Kami-sama to express their gratitude.

In human society, when we make a request of someone, we express our appreciation regardless of whether the person is able to help fulfill that request. The same is true for Kami-sama. When we make a request to Kami-sama, of course we must express our gratitude. Even if we do not get the result that we hoped for, we will learn and grow from that experience. Therefore, we should thank Kami-sama for giving us this opportunity to learn. When we are in the habit of expressing our gratitude to Kami-sama as we do to other people, we will find fulfillment in our lives each and every day.



Bonfire Ritual (Otakiage)

Do you have ofuda, omamori, engimono (e.g. kumade bamboo rakes, hamaya arrows) that you have held onto for several years? Kami-sama dwell in these items that you receive from a Shinto Shrine. We must express our gratitude for the Kami-sama’s daily support and assistance. That is why we replace ofuda, omamori, and engimono with new ones once a year. After one year, the connection created between the Kami-sama and the item fades. To express gratitude, bring or mail these items back to the Shinto Shrine. Shinto Items should be returned to the Shrine for Otakiage after one year, please wrap them carefully because they are still linked to the Shrine. We have return inner envelopes you can use for this purpose. Order the envelopes here.

(Please reference how to replace last year's Ofuda here)

At our shrine, we provide a bonfire ritual service. During this bonfire ceremony, the Shinto priest conveys words of gratitude to the Kami-sama dwelling within the ofuda, omamori, and engimono, recites a norito to request the Kami-sama to return to their original shrine, and burns the items in the bonfire while bidding farewell to the Kami-sama. 

If you would like to return your ofuda, omamori, and/or engimono to have them disposed of properly through the bonfire ceremony, please kindly send them to our shrine office with ceremony donations or bring them with you when you attend the ceremony in person.

Here are the flow of how to return.

  1. Wrap them carefully with feeling appreciation of their blessings.
    Note: They are still connected to Kami-sama
  2. Put them in the envelope.
  3. Enclose the donation (minimum $10.00).
  4. Mail to our mailing office:

Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America
9854 National Blvd. #284
Los Angeles, CA 90034

If you are donating using PayPal, please add a note that the donation is for Otakiage.

Please donate minimum $10 for Bonfire Ritual service (additional donations appreciated)

We accept donations via check or PayPal.  

Payable to: Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America

PayPal link or use below QR code for PayPal donation.

Please add a PayPal note to indicate what the donation is for (e.g. bonfire ritual).


 神札やお守り、縁起物(熊手、破魔矢など)を持ち帰った後、何年も放置していませんか? 神札やお守り、熊手や破魔矢など神社で授与されたものには、神様が宿っています。日々のご加護とご助力に感謝しましょう。そして、1年を目処に新しい神札・お守り・縁起物に取り替えましょう。1年が経過する頃には、神様と結ばれた御縁が薄まっていきます。感謝の気持ちを伝え、神社に持参するか郵送します。 



Payable to: Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America



May the Kami-sama be with you!

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