Kamidana (Miniature Shrine) Set 神棚セット

Donation/ 初穂料: $200.00 including blessing for Kamidana before shipping (excluding shipping and setting service)

Kamidana is a small shrine for your home or workplace. Please display it high on a shelf on the north or west wall in your living room or workplace. This may include places such as offices, restaurants, shops, stores or dojo for kendo, judo, aikido, or karate.

Please place the Ofuda inside of the Kamidana and offer fresh water, uncooked rice, and salt with Shinki. Please ask us for more details.

Our Kamidana is blessed and purified before shipping. We recommend holding the Kamidana installation service when you set up the kamidana.

Kamidana is built-to-order.

This Kamidana set (see photo) includes following items:

Small Shrine x 1 (size H40 x W 36 x D21 cm)

Mirror x 1

Mirror Stand x 1

Kawarake (plates for salt and uncooked rice) x 2

Mizutama (a vessel for water) x 1

Sakaki Tate (vase for Sakaki branches) x 2

Artificial Sakaki branches x 2

Heishi or Tokkuri (sake decanter) x 2

Hassoku An (Offering Table) x 1

If you are interested in obtaining Kamidana, please use the Shinto Items Request Form.

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