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Aki-matsuri & Children’s Blessing (November 13th) 

Saturday, November 13th, 2021 We will hold Aki-matsuri, our Annaul Autumn Thanksgiving Festival; and Children’s Blessing (Shichigosan). Aki-matsuri is a once-a-year thanksgiving ceremony to show appreciation to Kami-sama who gave or helped us to harvest, to gain achievements, success and connections in the year, and ask Kami-sama for their continued blessings. So please join and show your appreciation, […]

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New Content for 稲荷道場 Inari Dōjō Patrons and Shinto Inari Kai members!

We are excited to announce the release of special content for 稲荷道場 Inari Dōjō patrons on Patreon & Shinto Inari Members! We will post archive videos of Closing Talks given at 月次祭 Tsukinami-sai of previous years and more. The closing talks and virtual Inari Dōjō videos are special short lessons exclusive to our patrons.  Rev. Hasegawa […]

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