New Content for 稲荷道場 Inari Dōjō Patrons and Shinto Inari Kai members!

September 12, 2021

We are excited to announce the release of special content for 稲荷道場 Inari Dōjō patrons on Patreon & Shinto Inari Members!

We will post archive videos of Closing Talks given at 月次祭 Tsukinami-sai of previous years and more. The closing talks and virtual Inari Dōjō videos are special short lessons exclusive to our patrons. 

Rev. Hasegawa will speak about Japanese culture, customs, traditions, and Shinto as well as Japanese pop culture and language! As a bonus, we are releasing three Closing Talk videos this month.

The videos are about “七夕 Tanabata,” the legend of the weaver; and “お盆 Obon,” and “秋の彼岸 Higan in Autumn.” Come and learn about the customs of showing respect and appreciation to our ancestors!

There will be at least one lesson released per month! If you are interested in the virtual Dōjō, please join our Patreon or Shinto Inari Kai.

Your contributions make our dreams to have a Shinto Shrine in the US come true, 
and make more ceremonies possible!

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