2022’s 例大祭・夏祭 Reitaisai/Natsu-Matsuri (Annual Festival/Summer Blessing)

June 2, 2022

Please join us for our once a year ceremony! Reitaisai/Natsu-Matsuri held on Friday, June 10th at 7pm (pacific) on our “ShintoInari” YouTube channel. Please join us to when it’s time for the ceremony! 


At Reitaisai/Natsu-Matsuri, we will communicate our gratitude and determination to improve ourselves, and ask the Kami-sama (nature spirits) to bless us with success in our careers or businesses; prosperity, good fortunes, and happiness; and world peace, as well as success in achievement/a bountiful harvest in autumn.

The closing talk is “Name of each item in the regalia of a Shinto Priest and Miko – Part 3.” If you wish to hear the closing talk, please become a member through our website or Patreon.com/ShintoInari.

When you visit a Shinto Shrine, the custom is to put some Osaisen into the donation box.

Your contributions allow us to hold more ceremonies, and make our dreams of building a Shinto Shrine in Los Angeles come true!! You can now use Paypal Giving Fund to donate without fees with using the below QR code or this link.

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Arigato gozaimasu!
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