2021 June 月次祭 Tsukinami-sai

June 22, 2021

Please join us for our monthly ceremony, Tsukinami-sai!

This ceremony was held on June 1st at our parent shrine in Matsue, Japan. This special archive video gives the view of a participant in the ceremony!

Please join the archive video, now available on our “ShintoInari” YouTube channel! Tsukinami-sai is the monthly Shinto ceremony to show respect and appreciation and ask for blessings from the Kami-sama (nature spirits).

When you visit a Shinto Shrine, the custom is to put some Osaisen into the donation box.

Your contributions allow us to hold more ceremonies, and make our dreams of building a Shinto Shrine in Los Angeles come true, so that every video can be like this one!! You can now use Paypal to donate without fees.

Arigato gozaimasu!

This month’s Closing Talk is about “Hina-matsuri”. If you are interested in viewing the closing talk, please become a member.

Membership: https://shintoinari.org/membership/shrine-membership/

May the Kami-sama be with you!

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