2022 Earth Day Ceremony 地球感謝祭 Dear Earth 2022

March 19, 2022

Show your respect and appreciation to our planet!

On Earth Day, we will hold a ceremony アース・デー 地球感謝祭 “Dear Earth.” Please join us to renew your commitment to our planet!

The Dear Earth ceremony will be held April 22nd, 7 PM (PDT) at our YouTube channel ShintoInari


The closing talk, we have a guest speaker, the Director of the New York City Parks Emerging Technologies Team, and Executive Director of GROW Externships, Max Lerner. He will talk about “The Global Potential of Green Jobs and Sustainable Development.”

When you visit a Shinto Shrine, the custom is to put some Osaisen into the donation box.

We started a fundraising project to build a Shinto Shrine as a community center in Los Angeles. Your contributions allow us to hold more ceremonies, and make our dreams come true!! You can now use Paypal Giving Fund to donate without fees with using the below QR code or this link.

At the Shrine building, we will introduce an eco-friendly lifestyle. For details for the project, please visit here.

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Arigato gozaimasu!

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