Let’s celebrate our very rare ceremonies together on March 1st!

February 16, 2023

2023 初午祭&春祭&祈年祭&3月の月次祭 Hatsuuma-sai & Harumatsuri & Kinen-sai & March Tsukinami-sai Wednesday, March 1st, 7pm (pacific)


March 1st is a big day for the Shinto Shrine of Shusse Inari in America!

We will hold a quadruple ceremony that evening. It is our annual Shinto ceremony, 初午祭 Hatsu-uma-sai. Hatsu-uma-sai is a very important matsuri for Inari Shrines. The priest will talk about its meaning and importance in the stream on March 1st.

We will also combine the Spring Festival, 春祭 Haru-matsuri and 祈年祭 Kinen-sai.
How do we celebrate 春祭 Haru-matsuri and 祈年祭 Kinen-sai? What is the 祈年祭 Kinen-sai?
You will find out by watching the Heishiki, the announcements at the end of the public livestream!  (Note: The Heishiki will only be publicly available during the livestream!)

The fourth ceremony is the 月次祭 Tsukinami-sai, our monthly ceremony where we communicate our gratitude, wishes and determination to Kami-sama, the Nature Spirits.

After the live stream of the ceremony, we will have the Closing Talk (only for members). The subject of the Closing Talk for this month is “Ōharae-no-Kotoba – Episode 5.”

If you wish to hear the closing talk, please become a member through our website or Patreon.com/ShintoInari.

We hope you can join us for these once-a-year ceremonies, and a very rare quadruple celebration!

May the Kami-sama be with you!

When you visit a Shinto Shrine, the custom is to put some Osaisen into the donation box.

Your contributions allow us to hold more ceremonies, and make our dreams of building a Shinto Shrine in Los Angeles come true!! You can now use Paypal Giving Fund to donate without fees with using the below QR code or this link.

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